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Where both work & lifestyle, meets the art of living.


Whatever you are travelling all-year-long, working from home or looking for the best way to daily host your employees, NYCZ+Partners aims to find the right solution for both most important places in your life, your home and your office. At it's next generation in terms of smart technology, we simply design the tomorrow's landscape - yours.

Our people have been working from all around the globe, developing a true expertise year after years in many fields of architecture. From public infrastructure, cultural buildings, as well as private houses to urban plans, all specialized from different sides of architecture, we make our people's cultural origins and diversification our force, combined with our European state-of-mind in quality results.

Design Excellence & Innovation
Conscious Sustainability
Social & Trust Initiative

Making sustainable approach to design our way of working, we’ve put conscious sustainability as our first priority in terms of conception. Next of proposing our clients the latest technologies regarding smart-building environment, we better prefer to choose sustainable European made materials, which are lifetime warranty instead of any others cost-saving products.

After studying a client’s project, we determinate a 48 hours analyse, which is followed by few different sketches propositions, that we start designing in details after the client’s approval. In 99% of our past projects, design’s delays are always respected and master plans designed & rendered are ready-for-contractor. 

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